Friday, June 01, 2007

The greenhouse today

Just a quick post today with photos of the greenhouse and the flowers etc. for sale today.

My favourite flowers are anchusa dropmore - a great deep glowing blue which mixes well with the deep pink chrysanthemum "duro" and red astrantias.

The other photo shows cushions and toys on the vintage french metal cot.


annakarenin said...

Quick comment because it is too nice to be inside, finally. Just found you though. I remember you mentioning that CL had done a piece on you when you first blogged on CL and sitting in the garden reading through a couple of June & July back issues (taking the attitude that as I have paid for them I'll be buggered if I amnot going to continue enjoying them) there you are, so am going back now too read it all again.

Nonnie said...

Looks gorgeous in the sunshine. I really love that old cot!

Jane said...

The cot is an example of why I make no money! Too busy buying pretty props - It has another side which folds flat under the cushions so tat I can use it as a settee,
It has been very hot and sunny here today.
Goodness - the CL article seems like an age ago - my daughter was teeny in the photos.

Alice C said...

Your influence stretches southwards - I actually cut some of my paeonies today for the house. This has always been regarded as somewhere between heresy and inconceivable. But today I went out with my secateurs and had a Snapdragon moment with a great bunch of garden flowers. When I came in and put them on the mantlepiece my son said that he did not realise we had flowers like that in the garden. Aaaarggh. He is supposed to be bright!
Have a good weekend.

Gigibird said...

I spy a Denby jug....I used to collect them but I had to give them up due to space issues.
Your greenhouse looks gorgeous

Jane said...

Alice - I find that paeonies are good to cut as bad weather can turn them into mush quickly in the garden.

Lynn - that green jug was the cause of quite my worst retailing experience. a couple of years ago I had a stall at a local street fair and did so badly that the organiser refunded my stall money. I had arranged my flowers as wrapped ready made bunches propped in a range of crocks and jugs - a woman wanted the one in this green jug, priced at £2.50. Halfway through the transaction it became obvous that she thought the jug was included. It was not a good moment but I held onto the jug.


Suzie Sews said...

Loving that picture of the green house, beautiful.
Suzie Sews