Saturday, June 23, 2007

20 years and counting.

Tomorrow Euan and I celebrate dating for 20 years. We have married, bought houses and had children in those 2 decades but 24th June is still the most important date in the year.

We had known each other as friends for a good while when we started "courting" - as my Grandad termed it - so it was never going to be a casual, take it or leave it, affair. There was too much to risk losing.

Still 20 years is a long time and we have both changed a lot from our 18 year old selves. Probably for the better . . . definitely for the better.

Tomorrow I shall be arranging flowers for a wedding in Luss and Euan shall be putting the roof on his shed. Then we have a babysitter booked!


carolyn said...

Congratulations to both of you, enjoy your special day.

Anonymous said...

have a lovley day boyh of you x jep

Samantha said...

How romantic. Enjoy your day!

Samantha said...

How romantic. Enjoy your day!

Tracy said...

sending you congratulations for still being so in love x
enjoy your special day.
tracy x

the flour loft said...

Me and my husband Nick were great friends before we started "courting". I've know him now for 20ish years and he still makes me laugh and when I'm feeling down makes me feel good about myself. Is there such a thing as a soul mate? You bet! Hope you had a fab time tonight and here's to the next 20 years.
With love,
Alice x

alice c said...

There is nothing quite like putting a roof on a shed to set you up for a romantic evening out.

linda may said...

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Jane said...

We had a lovely evening - thanks for all your kind wishes,

I'm not going to put anything else here as Euan reads the blog and I don't want him to get a swollen head.