Thursday, June 21, 2007

William Lobb

Despite the fact that they are the most asked for flower, I do not grow many roses. Our climate is really too damp and it is very difficult to grow roses commercially without using a lot of herbicides and fungicides. As Rosebie Morton of The Real Flower Company pointed out, brides don't want greenfly climbing out of their bouquets.

Last year however a 3 for 1 end of season offer came in from David Austin that was just too tempting and I plumped for 3 moss roses called William Lobb (named after the Cornish plant collector), planting them with the growth tied to a dome made from hazel so that they will become a flowery heap in the border. Eventually they will be 8' tall.

They have just begun to flower - the bluest dark pink I have ever seen with a lovely scent. They have been a joy since the oddly bumpy buds arrived.

I am doing flowers for a wedding on Sunday and hope to use some of these in the table decorations - if I can bear to part with them that is.


Gigibird said...

I love roses. In my last house I couldn't grow them but there I have inherited an assortment of differnt ones and plan to plant more.
I want to master prunning.
William Lobb looks marvellous.

Alison said...

The new photo of you after a day in the garden is lovely. You look so happy and content.
Take care,
Alison x

Raindrops said...

The roses look beautiful. Not sure I could part with them. Tricia