Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Family weddings

Yesterday was a family day - we headed over to my parents in East Lothian for a day of catching up and bracing walks along Gullane beach.

We also fitted in a visit to see the church and hotel where my brother Stephen and his fiancee Helen will be getting married in August.

I shall be arranging the flowers so it was a relief that they are both lovely venues - full of light and air. I always dread wedding receptions in those dead corporate type venues where the flowers have to fight against the polystyrene tiles on the roof and the rails left over from audio visual presentations.

At the moment I am trying to build up a visual portfolio of month by month ideas for weddings and events - on actual wedding days there never seems to be enough time for taking anything other than record shots.

The photo shows Zoe modelling a bridesmaid headdress, a half band of individually wired hyacinth florets, each with a couple of amber glass beads in the centre. She looked very, very pretty in it practicing to be a bridesmaid!


Tracy said...

So pretty - it almost makes me want to get married.....almost but not quite!
Hope you had a great Easter - loving seeing all the hard work you are doing. It makes me feel a little happier as i feel i am in between gardens at the mo. I shall sit back and live my Spring and Summer gardening this year with you!
Tracy x

Heather said...

Those hyacinths look so so pretty - lovely advert for your wedding flowers.

Cherry Menlove said...

Ohhhhhh, you've got me thinking about wedding flowers all over agin. It's been at least 5 mins since I last tried to figure out what I should opt for!!!!

Cherry xx

Jane said...

Tracey - we had a great Easter (Euan was on call as police surgeon over Easter weekend so we are really celebrating more this week as he has time off). It has been such fantastic weather for the past 3 weeks that it is a pleasure to be outside.
I always feel a bit lost without a garden but at lweast it will give you time to think about what you want to do when you arrive at your new home.

Heather - each year I mean to take photos of made up arrangements rather than just of flowers in the cutting garden. It is more difficult though and it seems that when I am doing a wedding we are either in an almighty rush or the light is rubbish - and of course few photographers do close-ups of the flowers. This meant that when it came to do the website I had no decent photographs for the wedding pages.

Cherry - I am having a great time coming up with ideas for Stephen and Helen - for once there are no budget restrictions - I am having to be quite disciplined about how much I can physically do in the time though. I do want to make it to the church though rather than be stuck up a ladder at the reception venue as the bride walks up the aisle. I'm sure that we shall hear about what you decide.

Gigibird said...

So beautiful - reminds me of Arts and Crafts - flowers in the hair, how romantic.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

What a beautiful headdress! A wedding sounds so lovely - what a joy it must be to grace so many weddings each year with your floral creations!

Angel Jem said...

The hyacinth fairy! It looks like something from Cicely M Barker & I love it.

Jane said...

I grew up in a room with flower fairy wall paper so perhaps that is it!

Hyacinths are an ideal flower to do this with as they last out of water for ages - you don't even need to tape the stems - and they are robust enough to survive the swipes of small bridesmaids.

weirdbunny said...

The hyinchth band is beautiful, your so talented ! It's simple yet stunning ...