Wednesday, April 11, 2007


My Dad is a very good gardener. He learned from his father and he grows excellent fruit and vegetables on what really amounts to a sand dune in East Lothian.

He remains slightly amazed that I have ended up gardening for a living as I showed neither aptitude nor interest as a child.

I am putting this photograph in for him as he is an occasional reader of this blog.

My Dad grows exceptional asparagus, one of my favourite foods. My birthday is in May, at the height of the asparagus season and I have always associated my father's asparagus bed with my birthday - I have always felt that he grows it especially for me in the way that he plants masses of strawberries for my Mum.

Of course this birthday treat has become more of a problem since I left home and insisted on living outside East Lothian, so a couple of years ago Dad grew me some asparagus plants, and then, when they were ready to plant out, he came over for the day and made me an asparagus bed.

I chose to site the bed near to the house so that I can see when it needs weeding - and here is a picture of it - look Dad, weed free and there is an asparagus shoot!


a pink-bee said...

Your blog is always so much fun to visit. Just tagged you with a thinking blog award.:)

Yolanda Elizabet said...

What a lovely blog you've got. i found you via Kate's Smudges blog.

BTW I love asparagus but I don't have the space in my vegetable garden to grow them.

Anonymous said...

Great to read about what is happening in your garden and with your family. You are a long way from us in Australia but i love hearing about the seasons, the flowers and your life in Dryman. It reminds me of our time in Scotland. I will definitely continue to watch this space!

Jane said...

Thanks pink bee - I'll sort out a post this evening.

Yolanda - I think for me asparagus growing is a symptom of putting down roots - before we moved here the idea of planting a crop that I couldn't eat for 3 years would have seemed laughable.

Sue - goodness you CAN use a computer! Great to hear from you.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Asparagus has been a favorite of ours since I was a child. We spent many Sunday afternoons, after returning home from church, asking our mother to make us "asparagus on toast"! When I went to England, and had Welsh Rarebit with asparagus, I loved it even more. How wonderful that you are able to grow it!

weirdbunny said...

We haven't got any asparagus shoots yet. Maybe I've totoally covered them all with big stones, as the woodcutter is constanly telling me to throw all the bigish stones I find when digging onto his asparagus bed... lol !