Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Up at last . . .

I feel like I have been trailling this website for ages - but now it is properly live - at www.snapdragongarden.co.uk.

There are still some kinks to sort out but it should work -let me know by e-mail if something doesn't work - snapdragonjane@yahoo.co.uk.

I have been looking at it for too long today so I can no longer see it rationally.

Feedback would be great - in theory I should be able to change things!


Nonnie said...

It looks great Jane and is really clear and easy to navigate around. I've just tested it by having a good look at everything! You've got some lovely things for sale. I particularly like those glass cloches. I think my Mum might like them as she's a very keen gardener so I'll bare them in mind for presents. Hope you get lots of people looking at the site. I'm sure it will do really well for you.

carolyn said...

Jane, the website looks beautiful and appears to be very easy to use. Your products are beautiful and it is lovely to be able to see them all together. Looking forward to seeing the vintage section. The only "kink" I can see is that the picture on your home page is a teeny bit close to the text on the right hand side, but, quite frankly it doesn't make it difficult to read and I might not have noticed if you hadn't mentioned "kinks"! Well done & best of luck with the mail oder side of Snapdragon.
Carolyn x

Primrose Hill said...

Hi Jane,
Well done getting the website up and running, I know exactly how you feel, very google eyed at the end of a days work at the screen!
Have had a quick look through the site, easy to use with good info, as Caroline says the only little glitches are some of the text placements but other than that it's lovely. Hoping to get our updated in the next couple of days, fingers crossed!
Hope you're garden plans are coming together, can't quite believe 2 weeks today is set up day, aaargh!
L x

Tracy said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely x
Easy to use and very pretty to look at.
Sending you lots of luck.
Tracy x

Heather said...

Well Done Jane - it hangs together very nicely

Nicely compatible with the blog so they look like they belong.


weirdbunny said...

Your webpage is really easy to navigate, but as carolyn said the writing on the home page is a little bit too close to the picture. Glad to see you up and running though!

Jane said...

Thanks for your kind comments - I have moved the text on the home page - though I need to go & look at it on another computer as it was about 1/2 an inch away on my screen!

Thanks also to the buyers - parcels are in the post!