Monday, March 19, 2007

Tying up loose ends

I have finished making things for the CL Fair- I wish I could have made more but I have to stop sometime, I'm not doing that "taking a sewing basket along with me" thing.
I am now concentrating on all the things that make a stall look nice.
One of the things that I have been doing today is potting up some unusual spring bulbs.
In the autumn I planted trays and trays of spring bulbs in the hope of having lots to pot up now.

To be honest, it hasn't been a great success. Mice and the unremitting rain saw a lot of them off but there were some survivors.
The photo is of muscari latifolium - basically a grape hyacinth in a very deep blue with a beautiful spathe shaped leaf.
I always think that shape gives a kind of sinister glamour to a plant - I don't know why. The flower hangs around inside the leaf for a week or two then elongates and looks much more like a grape hyacinth.
Bix, our eldest cat, has been supervising the packing up.


Primrose Hill said...

Love the grape hyacinth, I'm hoping to get some of them tomorrow (not as fancy as that one - just good old dutch van man ones!) Should really be calling it a day with the sewing too, but you know how it is! We're having a scheduled power cut tomorrow between 9am - 3pm, a blessing in disguise I think!
See you on Wednesday!
L x
P.S. don't suppose you've got a blackboard I could borrow off you?

Jane said...

Sorry Lisa, we seem to be out of blackboards - I even sent Euan to IKEA to buy one but no luck - I thought that they did mini school slate ones but seemingly not.
Happy shopping for the bulbs - I got some bog standard grape hyacinths there for the barrels.

Primrose Hill said...

No probs - I'll see what I can find, if I can find more than one I'll bring one along for you!
L x