Sunday, March 18, 2007


Last year the most requested items at our Country Living stand were the aprons that Sally and I were wearing. I didn't have any for sale at the time but subsequently made some up - mainly for B&B owners who wanted something out of the ordinary for serving up breakfast.

So aprons were always on my list, but with one thing and another they have turned out to be the last thing to be sewn up.

I actually have a problem with aprons. I have as euphemism would have it, a curvy figure. I have a bust and hips with a waist inbetween. In most aprons I look like a badly tied parcel with a baggy bit above my bust and not enough material to wrap round my ample hips. I never feel like a capable confident domestic goddess in an apron. I feel like I am in a hospital gown.

Over the years I have tried the tie on 1950s pinnies and the amazing wrap dresses from the 1940s - the sort of thing you should wear to scrub your step in a Hovis advert - but nothing looked right.

So this year I decided to tweak last year's apron pattern and come up with something flattering to the non-beanpole. And it has worked - I used a couple of beautiful drapey linens so there isn't that bunchy cardboard effect that you get with ticking or denim, I was generous with the side flaps so that they don't stick out and most importantly, I scooped the neck so that it sits properly.

The result is a very high class apron indeed with a lined top, an Irish linen pocket, vintage button detailing ans a handy clip to attach a cloth to so that you can wipe your hands.

It is a pinny for Nigella or Marylin (or me).


carolyn said...

Sounds wonderful and that fabric is devine. You'll be off to the fair soon won't you? Wishing you lots of success.

Vintage to Victorian said...

What lovely fabric. I have the same apron-fitting problem, but then I never seem to be at home long enough to wear one!!!

Primrose Hill said...

Great minds think alike! We were exactly the same last year, our little market style pinnys getting all the attention, and of course none for sale, typical eh!
So, just like you, I spent yesterday running off a batch in the famous dotty fabric, we've gone for a cafe style pinny. Knowing our luck, this year nobody will ask about them!
See you next week, although, by the sounds of it we might be snowed in, it's snowing here at the moment and we've got heavy snow forecast for tomorrow, just what I need when the stress levels are starting to creep up!
L xx

Jane said...

Carolyn - glad to see you back having time to visit blogs again. Thanks for your good wishes, hope all is going well.
Sue I am hoping that lots of people (well 10 at least) have the same apron fitting problem. I had worried that people might just say "Oh they fit me just fine fatso!)
Lisa - I think the snow will be gone by wednesday - we're a bit concerned about the van transport Tuesday morning but it will be fine in the end. Cafe pinnys are lovely - just no good for me due to the bust thing - it acts as a perfect landing ground for anything I drop or splash & I go through life with dribbles down my front. I also think that it will be sods law to find that people only said they would like an apron because there were non available.

Heather said...

Most domestic goddesses look homely - a bustline to cradle babies heads in and hips to fit hands to for that ultimate in 'I'm angry and look out.' look that only a domestic goddess can get away with!!

Beanpoles just can't hack the kitchen in the same way - so full marks to you for making a pinny thats looks cool.

I could do with one myself - I've always had more chest than I could do with and my hips are desperate to catch up! so I need one carefully crafted - I think your clientelle are going to love you for it!!


Samantha said...

You do sound as though you're prepared.

Good luck with the sales!

weirdbunny said...

well done for picking up on what people demanded last year. They look is beautiful.