Friday, March 23, 2007

Time to chat

Today was a much more relaxed day - more a steady stream than mad surges so there was more time to talk to people.

Time to talk to customers who bought dahlias last year and are back to add to their collections this year.

Time to talk to the bloggers (8 in all) that came and said hello - hopefully you will all feel ready to comment now you've seen my face.

Time to talk to fellow stallholders and find out how the London shows are and make contacts.

Just time to talk.

I am actually not feeling that well this week - I caught some kind of chest infection from Zoe - so I have been drugged up today and paranoid about coming across as really spaced out. Tonight I am left with just a poor croak of a voice - I am keeping quiet and hope it is back to full force tomorrow. Otherwise it will have to be sign language.

Sorry that these are yet more photos of MY stall. I'm not trying to be narcissistic< I just forgot my camera.

Do come & say Hi if you are coming to the CL Fair this weekend.


Alice said...

It all looks so tempting - I hope that all those goodies go to friendly homes. I also hope that you feel well enough to enjoy meeting everyone on Saturday - I think that you have earned yourself a duvet day sometime next week!

Jane said...

thaks Alice - I'm afraid that today hs turned into the duvet day. I was in first thing this morning but as I look awful with no colour and dull ill looking hair, I can't speak and I am staggering around with vertigo symtoms I wasn't exactly an asset to the stall.
Jo came in to help Sally for the morning, and the children have been taken by friends so that Euan can try his hand at selling for the afternoon.
I am under the duvet trying not to feel guilty and so relived that I have such a great team working with me.