Saturday, March 24, 2007

A duvet day

Hmmmm. By the time I turned up at the SECC this morning it was obvious that I was not going to be an asset to the stall. "Death warmed up" seemed to be the general opinion - grey face, dark circled eyes, that dull sticky ill hair, a 60 a day cough and no voice. I could see their point.

All potential customers were likely to make a wide berth.

I was taken home and have slept more or less since. I am feeling quite a bit better - still no voice but hopefully I will be able to flash a welcoming smile tomorrow.

What it has taught me is that I have such a super team working with me now that I no longer need to be everywhere all the time. I can even be sick on the busiest day of our year.

Thank you Sally for organising everything superbly, to Jo for coming in at short notice, to Euan for being bossy when he had to and to Callum.


Vintage to Victorian said...

So sorry to hear you had to miss your big day, but get well soon and be well and truly ready for the next one!! I'm sure that with the wonderful team you have the whole event will have been a tremendous success.

Heather said...

Sometimes I find that when I am working flat out and stressed out - once I reach the end - the release of stress brings with it illness - usually swollen glands and a throat thats like swollowing cut glass - a body has a way of saying - enough already!!

Hope you're feeling better soon - miserable timing but sod has that law for a reason!!


Victoria May Plum said...

I do hope that you get better soon, so that you can get back to your lovely stall. Drink lots of hot water and honey x

Charlotte said...

Jane, sending you lots of get well wishes. Your stand looked amazing as always. My sister and I were saying that your van made the fair! What an entrance. Your team did you proud. Very warm and welcoming with constant smiles on their faces!
Charlotte x