Thursday, February 01, 2007

To typepad or not to typepad. . .advice please

This morning I was in Stirling - starting from scratch with the website.

In October it just didn't hang together and after missing my Christmas deadline I ignored it.

I always find that it is amazing how when you begin something, abandon it for a few months and then begin again you come to it completely afresh and with much clearer ideas. I feel that I have made much more progress this morning than I did in the weeks I spent on it back in the Autumn.

It occured to me this afternoon while I was out walking Jasmine, that I should really be sortingout the blog so that it fits visually with the website - and isit therefore time tochange to typepad.

Could people who are using it let me know the advantages of typepad? And the disadvantages if there are any.

Though my overall aim for the website is to have it really "bloggy" - informal, interactive, frequently updated - I want them both to look as though they are part of the same whole.


Charlotte said...

Hi jane,
I'm creating my website at the moment and like yourself, want my blog to be in unity with my website, / look similar (even although i haven't posted recently, i mean to when i get the time!) Anyway, the guy who is designing my website said that he will be able to change my blog to look like my website. So, if you are getting your website designed by someone, they should be able to change your blog aswell. Just a thought!?
Can't wait to see your website!
Charlotte x

The County Clerk said...

I use typepad and am quite happy with it... but I've never used anything else. I'm not a designer or anything so my two blogs, A Lake County Point of View and Recreational Renovations, aren't particulary beautiful but I've seen others make their Typepad Blogs very nice. I have two blogs because my package (there are three from which to choose I think) comes with three blogs. I pay for the "middle" package. When I signed up I got two months free.

I have had no problems and am delighted with all the funtionality I've found... although it took me awhile to find it all (I wasn't really looking).

The biggest problem I had stemmed from the fact that I was using a browser that did not support many of the feautures... so I didn't SEE many of the features. I'm on a mac and was using the factory version of Safari (the bundled mac browser). That particular version of safari didn't interface well with Typapad. One of my friends (also a mac guy and a typepad guy) suggested firefox and I downloaded it for free. WOW. My whole world changed. Typepad really got easy and better... not what it looks like to THE READER but the interface for managing the thing. (I think the latest Safari supports all the good stuff now. Why do I get into this? Make sure your browser is up to date as it will affect your blogging functionality. I had no idea.

Typepad is also "recognized" by almost everything. For example, when I go to FLICKR and see a photo I like, I can hit the "BLOG THIS" button (if the owner of the photo has allowed it) and Flickr will automatically publish an entry to my Typepad... exactly how I want, size, colr, etc. Typepad is ALAWYS on the lists of standard choices for things like this.

I like typepad. It seems to have some great stuff. But again, I have no idea how other offerings work.

Also, one must pay a little for it. Isn't Blogger free?

The County Clerk said...

Also, I know that typepad has a "Map Domain" feature that makes your website "point to" the typepad blog. For example, your Typepad Blog address might be but if you owned the domain, you could map typepad to it (or map the domain to typepad or something) so that your blog address would actually be

This is beyond me. But it exists.

Jane said...

The graphic designer who designed my new logo has made me a picture of what the webpage should look like and has given me a disc with gifs and the like on it. It is up to me - helped by the infinite patience of Colin from Stirling Enterprise - to translate this into an actual website.

I like this as in theory it will make it very easy for me to constantly update. I have just heard today of someone who has been charged almost £200 by their web manager to insert a hyperlink!

If that is general, and not just an unscrupulous individual,no wonder so many websites are so static.

We have a sony vaio - used to have a mac and in many ways I miss it.

Aren't there are going to be masses of new sites come the spring?


Nonnie said...

Well I haven't used any other, but I find Typepad really good and very easy to use. I have also gone for the middle package, which allows you to customise the design quite a bit. Actually, I'm not sure what extra things you get with the most expensive package. I'm also hoping that I can make my website and my blog look quite similar and I think I'll be able to do that with typepad. You can create your own banners and change them whenever you want which is nice. You can also create more than one address(3 I think?) so at the moment I'm creating another which I'm setting up more like a shop than a daily blog, to house my designs until the website is finished.

So I think you should definitely go for it and change over.

Jane said...

Thank you for all your helpful comments

casapinka said...

I started with Blogger and just got frustrated and gave up for 2 months. I tried Typepad and have been so happy with it. Now I have two weblogs with Typepad.