Wednesday, January 31, 2007

First flowers of the year.

This is the first bunch of flowers of the year - a bit on the small side perhaps but lovely in its way. The narcissi are Tete a Tete and are a bit of a cheat as they spent part of their early life in the tunnel and have been in a sheltered spot since.
A few warm days and they have decided to flower.
Mad weather.
Unlike practically everyone else I know, I really like February as you can actually see things growing - every day a few more shoots appear. My clematis armandii is posed to flower as is a daphne by the front door. And once they are out we are away on the race through spring to summer.


Gigibird said...

I too love the winter months.

Nonnie said...

I don't mind February too much. Don't like January at all so I'm glad it's over but there's always more of a hint of Spring in February. The tete a tete are gorgeous. I love Spring flowers.

carolyn said...

Well I actually like Feb as well and I can't even begin to understand why some people seem to find Jan and Feb such difficult months.The days are getting londer and there is such promise of spring. I'm going off down the garden now to check on my c.armandii.

Jane said...

I originally saw c. armandii in a garden in Dumfries and Galloway - or rather I should say I smelt it -and it was ravishing. It shouldn't really survive with us but has managed the past couple of years fine.