Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hearts for sale

Today I am busy making up flower and honesty hearts for the Country Living Fair - I originally made these hearts as elegant and very special Christmas decorations but decided that they are worth keeping around all year.
A friend bought a couple of the hydrangea hearts at Christmas - I was quite surprised as she has a very calm house with beautiful furniture and art but absolutely no clutter. I had somehow thought of the hearts as fitting into a chintzy kitchen with collections of flowery jugs and egg cups on a dresser.
I was at her house over New Year and she had them pinned to a column in her living room where they looked stunning - very textural, very modern country. So it goes to show that I should look at things in a different way more often.
My only worry about them at Christmas was that they are fairly fragile to transport - you can't just chuck them in a basket. I bit the bullet and invested in some boxes which have arrived this morning - they fit beautifully and will be snug as a bug on their trip to the SECC.


carolyn said...

Glad you found a safe way to package them, they are very pretty.

Heather said...

packaging is the thing of nightmares - you find suppliers, they stop stocking THE perfect box, you find another and they're merged with a bottle bag company who won't deal with you - or the minimum order goes up or the price - or both.

I have a lot of issues with packaging - perhaps you can tell!!

I like the honesty hearts, but it would be lost amongst the junk in my house. I long for a home decluttered - no hope!


Jane said...

Heather -I am still at the nursery slopes with packaging - still amazed at how much cardboard can cost.
One of my main concerns about packaging is with its disposal. As we have somehow lost the rhythm of our home grocery deliveries I have been to the supermarket twice in the last fortnight. The bin is now completely full of unrecyclable plastic.
With my own products I am trying to work out whether it is better to up the quality of the box so that poeople will keep them and re-use or keep it as flimsy as possible so that it takes less paper to make!

Nonnie said...

They look lovely. Very delicate and pretty.