Monday, November 06, 2006

The slug patrol

Well here they are . . . getting ready for rootling out those pesky slugs - our possy of white indian runner ducks.
There are actually 5 in total but one turns out to be a bit of a loner and has headed off on its own to the 2nd field. Hopefully he will return at dusk or he may well be eaten by the fox.
One of our chickens choses to stay out all night - it is a white maran and looks ghostly perched on the bounary fence.
So far the ducks don't have names and as they all look alike to me at the moment, there seems little point in christening them. I hope that they will become tamer after a while as at the moment they are living up to their name and running every time the house door opens.


Primrose Hill said...

Hi Jane,

Your runners look adorable, hope the fox doesn't get any of them, that would be such a shame. Do they like their new house?

L x

Jane said...

I found the missing one swimming happily in the pink corner bath - it resisted my attempts to herd it back towards the house and is now lying in a burrow under the bath.
It is dark so it can stay there until morning.

Heather said...

I LOVE these things and I am so envious - I hope Le Renard leaves them well alone - fingers crossed


El said...

They are so cute! We've had a wet year this year and I would be tempted to get ducks to keep the slugs down, but they're in no way the continual presence they are in your little corner of the world! Good luck with them.

Anonymous said...

I love your ducks.
Wish I had some too