Friday, November 24, 2006

The first proper Christmas wreath

The Green Gallery @ Home has its first exhibition opening tomorrow - the first since they have moved to Buchlyvie that is - and Becky asked me to do a door ring for the front door - she had chosen one of the sage rings for her back door and wanted something with a lot of red in it for the front. It is a lovely substantial Victorian house so I thought that it could take something big.
We used fruiting ivy as a base with masses of chillis, apples, holly berries and a wide red organza ribbon.
I am taking a slightly smaller version of this to Lomond School in Helensburgh this evening. The school is opening its new art facilities and I am showing off my decorations.


carolyn said...

This wreath is absolutely spectatcular. I also think your buttonhole is a delight and hopefully your clients will go for it rather than the thistle.

Jane said...

Carolyn - I always forget how much I enjoy making up the Christmas wreaths, they are such joyful things.
The bride did decide on the cranberry buttonhole so I am delighted.
I get confused as to whose blog is whose as I tend to quickly flick through them - is yours the one with the french knitting lavender fairy?
Now off to do some PTA photocopying before heading off to Helensburgh.

Primrose Hill said...

Hi Jane,

Love the wreath, that'll look fab at Beckys. Really looking forward to her fair, it'll be a bit warmer than last year, that's for sure! Hopefully lots will come along due to the whole "nosyness" factor!!!
See you on Sunday!
L x

carolyn said...

Yes Jane that's the one.

Jane said...

I thought that she was very cute & punky looking