Thursday, November 23, 2006


Last night I took a break from Christmassy things to think about buttonholes for a wedding that I am doing next month.
9 times out of 10 I am asked to provide "thistle" buttonholes which are seem as being Scottish. The thistle is Scotland's national flower, the colour goes well with kilts and it is not too "flowery" for men. Florists also love it as it is available all year, is easy to wire and as it is a dryish bract it can be wired up quite far in advance.
The thistle that is used for buttonholes is an eryngium - a sea holly - native to the mediterranean and hotter places. The Scots Thistle is onopordum, a spiky monster over 8 feet tall and not at all suitable for buttonholes or bouquets.
I always try to persuade grooms to try something a little more unusual, something linked to the bride's bouquet.
I do not always succeed.
Here I was playing about with white heather - for the Scottish connection with cranberries and paperwhite narcissi, which are going to be in the Bride's bouquet. The cranberries are wired with a small vintage pearl on top and the shank would be bound in ribbon (here it is hurredly wrapped and pinned).


Laura said...


These buttonholes are lovely! I have just spent 5 minutes scrolling up and down between the bouquet and the buttonholes to see what they look like together. And they tie-in with each other so nicely.
Lucky Couple!


Nonnie said...

What a lovely buttonhole. I love the cranberries in it. It's really different from the usual thing you see. My sister had thistles in the buttonholes at her Wedding as her husband is Scottish and they did look lovely. But I like your idea of doing something different but still keeping that Scottish theme with the heather.

Jane said...

I'm really pleased that the couple have decided to go with these!

Cherry Menlove said...

If I get my way and have a Christmas wedding will you do my buttonholes like that??

Cherry xx