Monday, November 13, 2006


I have been making fabric doorstops at Christmas time for the past few years - I got the pattern from a 1970s craft magazine, but the difference is that the original was stuffed with a brick covered with wadding and was more horizontal with the handle on the long side.

As more people now make fabric doorstops, and as they are fairly tricky to make in comparison to lavender bags, I keep thinking of discontinuing them.
However customers have a different view and keep ordering them, repulsing my attempts to refer them onto someone else.

The difference between my doorstops and others is probably in the materials I use. I love textiles - in my late teens and twenties I collected costume fairly seriously and I have always been a great horder and appreciator of material. My taste is for bold pattern and strong colours- this vibrant magnolia design by Ramm fabrics is typical - whereas a lot of other textile home accessories are in pastels with smaller patterns.

The doorstops are filled with organic wheat and have waterproof bases so that they can be used for propping outside doors in the summer. They are made in linen so that they are tough enough to withstand wooden floors.

Today is sunshine and showers so this photo was taken very quickly between cloudbursts - in the background is a one of our garden kneelers.


carolyn said...

Love the fabric you have used on these it's no wonder they keep on selling.

Jane said...

The fabric is something special isn't it? Unfortunately I have only a few metres left - still then I shall move onto something equally lovely,