Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Best Christmas present ever

These leather lined wellingtons were last year's Christmas present from Euan and they are one of those things that I would rescue from a burning building.
I believe they were phenomenally expensive but as I have worn them practically every day (I didn't take them on holiday) I think that they would pass the "cost per wear" test beloved of women's magazines.
Warm dry feet are just SO important - when it is horizontal rain outside and the grass has managed to become both long and muddy - chickens still need to be fed, ducks locked up - these wellies and a bobble hat and I'm cosy as toast.
Being lined they are also cool in summer - I'm not a gardening in birkenstocks girl, extracting the pebbles from my toes takes too long.
They also give me back a shred of credibility - I usually garden in a velvet frock and cardi - now I would argue that this is fantastically practical - the dresses wash and comes out of the machine almost dry - the cardi has pockets, doesn't restrict movement like a jumper and I can put a waterproof over it if necessary. Unfortunately everyone over the age of 6 seems to think that this is weird gardening garb - however my extremely serious wellies save the day and farmers don't openly snigger.


The County Clerk said...


Those are great. Le Chamaeu.

They are expensive but they are the best. (I have a pair but I "cheaped out" at the last minute and got the kind with neoprene lining and not leather.

I saved 75 dollars and have regretted ever since.

Now I want to get a pair like you have, but it makes no sense to have two. So I thought I'd wait until my first pair wore out... except these DON'T WEAR OUT.

You are 100% corrcet. These are perfect for the garden.


Jane said...

Edward, a 15 year old friend who helps me here sometimes with moving compost etc. has just saved up his wages from pheasant beating on the local estate and bought a pair of Le Chameau wellies - excellent taste has Edward - it gives me great faith in teenagers.

Laura said...

I am now living with Edward AND his Le Chamaeu wellies, never has a pair of wellies been so loved, well not since he was 3 and slept with them on.

Jane said...

He's worth it!

Primrose Hill said...

Ooh, I really want a pair now, I wonder if I could justify keeping my new Hunter wellies as spares for visitors, hmmm...............?

L x

El said...

Those are quite fabulous boots. I covet them. And there's a holiday around the corner...

I think gardening garb is very peculiar, and happily it's peculiar per gardener!! I've got my own getup that, well, let's just say I look like I am going to do battle (and I am, in spirit, anyway).

My own footwear? Though I do have a pair of unlined, cheapo boots as tall as yours, I have some Blundstones that are fabulously filthy and broken-in and oh so comfy. I think they give me pretty good street cred, too. (Or is it dirt cred?)

john curtin said...

I've a pair of Aigle insulated ones - worth every pound I spent on them.