Wednesday, October 25, 2006

prototype wreath

I am feeling very mumpy today as I have a sore throat and have lost my voice - I have just been out in the garden to pick some sage, rosemary and lemon verbena to make a tea which will hopefully help.
I have also begun to make prototype wreaths - this one is to decorate the front door of Shepherd's Lodge in Killearn where I am doing a Christmas Fair tomorrow evening. It is enormous - the largest size I do, about 3 feet across - and is studded with pomegranates, apples, chillis and gold cones. The finished wreath is very heavy but stunning - it can also be used laid flat on the floor or a low table to surround a collection chunky candles.
I don't begin making wreaths proper until the 2nd week in December, though Sally and I spent yesterday wiring lots of dried cones and nuts in preparation. Last year I ran out of wreaths by the 20th so it is best to pre-order - I should have worked out prices by the end of the week.
If anyone is making their own wreath this year I am quite happy to provide the frame, moss, wire etc. I am also doing a demonstration at Baldernock Garden Club on Tuesday December 5th.


Primrose Hill said...

Criky, Jane, you're well organised! I wish I could say the same, I'm still trying to get orders out the door before I can even think about making stock, let alone wreaths!!! Hope you had a successful trip up at the sundries place - anything exciting?

Jane said...

Lisa - the vast majority of my wreaths are pre-ordered and people need to know what they are going to get come December. It is actually very difficult as the leaves are still clinging to the birch twigs that I use to wrap the mossed base and give it some stability - there is also no red holly yet in my parents garden (where I pick for the wreaths) so I have had to use something else.
I had an INTERESTING time on Monday - I left my lights on in the carpark by mistake and flattened the battery. Fortunately they sorted me out with a mains powered battery device usually used to jumpstart trucks. I felt very "silly girlish"
My favourite find was some crocus forcing glasses - like hyacinth vases but tiny.

Heather said...

How do you keep the fruit from rotting on the wreath?

I agree with Primrose Hill - I'm impressed with the organisation!


Jane said...

These are just prototypes - they will not be sold but give people an idea of what they are orgering.
I find that fruit (apart from oranges)lasts about 4 weeks outside if it is not in the sun.
Last year a couple of people had problems with birds eating the apples so in houses with trees and shrub close to the door, I now recommend adding in sparkly bits to discourage birds - I usually use pearls and sequins strung onto green reel wire.
Porch doors and tenement doors are likely to be warmer so I don't use fruit apart from pomegranates.

UKBob said...

Hi Jane I hope you feel better soon, I'm not feeling the best at the moment either, I tend to go with the rum and honey rather than the herbs though. It sounds like you are going to be really busy with all your wreath making etc. I look forward to reading how it all goes.