Monday, October 23, 2006

Is this the way to go?

I orginally decided to write a weblog after hearing Heather of Eieflud botanical perfumes talking about her blog on Radio 4. Suddenly I could see how a weblog would allow me to show customers (and anyone else who stumbled on it) what the garden looks like, and also allow me to talk about issues like organics, cut flower production, citroen vans and so on, all the things that get missed in the 30 second purchase.

Now Heather has upped the game considerably by producing a podcast - an audio broadcast available by itunes. You can access it via The podcast is of Heather and the Saturday Boy discussing what she want to achieve in soapmaking, the origin of her business and how to tincture a pomegranate. The tone of the podcast is lovely and intimate. It has the feel of one of those Radio 4 programes where people cook crabs or describe their flower border and you feel "yes I'd like to be friends with them". It does not sound - as many podcasts sadly do - like a patronising "zany" programme for kids.

Now she has me thinking should I follow suit - actually Euan will probably leave if I add anything else into our schedule . . .but possibly after Christmas????

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Heather said...

I know what you mean about having a 'to do' list that could sink the titanic and cause a divorce!

And the thoughts you are having now were the very same ones I was having last year.

I thought the podcast was do-able - but technically I am a dimwit and needed the MD's input - and he's often too busy for me - so I had to do it all in stages and just be patient.

I am not sure about it at the minute and am presently planning to do a podcast perhaps fortnightly and see how it develops - its much more work to prepare for than a blog and needs your attention. Also having practised a bit we found that it is mentally tiring and so you have to be 'up for it' or else you end up sounding dreary very easily.

I think I came to the conclusion that other people were upping the stakes around me and this was the next stage. Of course it will be video next. Is the world really ready for me slumming it on a Sunday afternoon do you think? god forbid I should have to do makeup for the garden!