Monday, August 07, 2006

Plume poppy

This dreadful photo is of the plume poppy - nothing to do with other poppies - a plant which loves the heavy soil and water which you get in our garden - it soars up to 8 feet tall with strong flat glaucous leaves and then plumes of parchment coloured seedlike flowers.
It is a flower that I am desperate to be able to sell - it has scale, unlike many tall things it doesn't droop and it looks wonderful on its own in a pottery crock or glass vase, fanning out against a plain wall.
The problem is that while the flower is a flower it sheds all over the place if you move it, fine for things like weddings (where I can transport it ever so carefully and then hoover up any dropped bits) but not much use for selling to the public.
I am hoping that when it develops into seedheads it will be a bit more robust but until then I have it at the van, taking up space but not for sale - though if anyone want to try it out and risk transporting it I will give them a stem or two.

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