Monday, August 07, 2006

Gullane Games 2006

The computer has been away for a few days having all the glitches taken out of it so I have been unable to post. I was also away at Gullane Games- the local gala day in Gullane, East Lothian where I grew up and where my parents still stay. I went to the games every year and now my girls and my cousin's girls join in the fun.
The afternoon is taken up with races - crab, sack, egg and spoon, that sort of thing - and the evening with a fancy dress parade. There have been a few years where the Disney Store seems to have contributed most of the entries, but this year people seem to have got back into the spirit of the thing and there was a fantastically crafted dalek and a very innovative bunch of grapes with girls in leotards with purple balloons pinned all over them. Our entry was The Four Seasons all put together by my Mum. From left to right we have Jayde, Katie, Zoe and Christine with a special photo of Jayde as Spring. These photos had to be taken quickly for as soon as the judges had been past Jayde and Katie were without their headdresses and Christine had taken off her furry cape. They won first prize in the group section which must have been a mystery to the people lining the streets for the parade as by that time they were a group of 4 (admittedly beautiful) girls in plain tabards, everything else having been discarded along the way.

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