Thursday, August 24, 2006

Meadowy bunch

This bouquet was made today for someone moving into their new home - it is a mixture of white cosmos, fennel, cornflowers, tangerine crocosmia, lilac scabious, yellow alstromeria and through it, like a mad meadow, the giant oat stipa gigantea. It was very light and bright and airy - matching this sunny weather that continues here.
Stipa gigantea is one of the grasses I use most - partly as it gives an airy look without my needing to pick dozens of stems - it also lasts from late May until September in the garden
The best arrangement I have seen with it - and one I would love to copy for a wedding or party - was down at Perch Hill where Sarah Raven runs her flower courses. She had arranged it on its own in tall narrow glass vases along the table with shorter vases of quaking grass in between - very easy, very cheap, very stylish.

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Heather said...

I like this one alot.