Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Anna Pavord Lecture - I'm so excited

The Autumn Lecture for the Scotland's Garden Scheme always gets some really good speakers - it is organised by Lady Julie Edmonstone and she obviously pulls some strings to these people up to speak in Stirling - this time she has excelled herself.
There are three speakers - 1. Anna Pavord, the gardening editor of the Independent newspaper and author of a fantastically beautiful book about tulips (my favourite image of tortoises with candles on their back iluminating a party in a persian garden comes from this book). 2. David Howard who is Prince Charles' Head Gardener and therefore experimenting at the cutting edge of organic and 3. Tom Hart Dyke, the young gun who got himself kidnapped while plant hunting.
The date is Tuesday 26th September, the venue is The Albert Halls in Stirling, the time 10.15 - 3.30 - the cost £40 including coffee, a sandwich lunch and wine. The proceeds are split 40% to The Sandpiper Trust; 60% to SGS charities.
Tickets are available from Lady Julie Edmonstone, Duntreath Castle, Blanefield, G63 9AJ - 01360 770 215

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