Tuesday, July 25, 2006

You can take this nature loving too far . . .

I think that I am going soft - once I used to be the scourge of slugs. In our last house I collected and stamped on 30,000 in one season - but last night when we spotted these 2 beauties climbing the wall outside the back door, I just left them be. I think of these as leopard slugs but don't actually know what type they are - they are about 4 inches long with markings like a leopard in light brown and black.
I should be keeping a tighter rein on the slugs - yesterday I planted out about 60 delphinium seedlings which should produce their first flowers next June. Delphiniums seem to be slugs favourite flowers so I shall have to make sure that they don't get into that raised bed.
We don't actually have much of a slug problem here (not in comparison to our last garden anyway - the business is called Snapdragon as that is one of the few plants that slugs don't eat) - I think it is because we used to have ducks and they spent their days rootling around eating slugs and slug eggs. The ducks were killed in the fox frenzy but as soon as our tadpoles have left the duck pool (to ruin the image this is a pink corner bath we took out of the bathroom here, luckily the field is now so overgrown you can no longer see it) I think that we shall get some more and put them out on slug patrol.

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