Monday, July 24, 2006

A cheeky carrot

I promised Katie that I would post this photo of her as a carrot but it wouldn't load up onto the Farmers Market post.
It also occurred to me that I should have mentioned the exhibitors at the Harrogate Gift Fair who impressed me with their attention to quality and their more innovative products. While I can't really justify stocking any of these things in my little shop, I really think that they are great. had really lovely suede accessories, I was particularly taken with the pencil case and roll - a very special present. exhibited beautiful cushions made from tartan blankets - very Scottish but not at all twee. I really like this woman's ceramics, particularly the coriander mugs and jugs. She is going to be bringing out a range of plantpots in the near future so perhaps they would fit in with my flowers . . . .

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