Monday, July 10, 2006

Cutting Garden at Chenonceaux

The Chateau at Chenenceaux is full of spectacular flower arrangements - they are one of the attractions publicised in fliers, not just casual room decoration - on an amazingly lavish scale. As we were walking round I wondered how they could afford the towering vases with 100 white lilies - the answer is in the cutting garden in the grounds. This is full of neatly tended rows of flowers - all timed to bloom at the same time, one row after another - you could see the 4 rows of freshly cut lilies, now only 4" stems. The artichokes were about to flower and then after them it would be snapdragons then sunflowers, a changing parade with enough of each to make truly massive arrangements suitable for the enormous spaces.
It is obviously a time consuming garden - there were 4 gerdeners there when I visited and the sprinklers were whirring away in the 30+ degree heat.

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