Friday, April 07, 2006

Dull & dismal

It has been a sort of nothing day today - lots of heavy rain without the mitigating sunshine. The overnight deluge left the soil too sodden even for weeding, and all plans for putting up the plastic cloches were abandoned due to the wind. I have been wimping out and spent the day making soup and planting seeds in the kitchen
Euan and Edward manfully continued prizing the nails out of the reclaimed roofing beams we are using as timber and even managed to make a couple of raised beds. I don't think it was the most enjoyable day's work.
We have also been pondering about how we will cope with getting the chickens indoors if it becomes necessary. The original idea had been simply to move them to the polytunnel but, by May, that will be getting too hot. We shall perhaps devise some netting cover for part of the existing run. I am very reluctant to curtail the chicken's freedom too much.

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