Saturday, April 08, 2006

Building site

Work continues on the new greenhouse - most of the wooden frame is now up - it is really a case of sanding down the old paint, getting rid of any rot and patching it up with lots of woodfiller. I suspect that getting the plinth built and putting up the frame will be the fast bit.
Euan has also built a deck to the right hand side which will take the van and give an easily swept area to the front of it. It will also give me different levels for my buckets of flowers and should look a lot better than last year. The deck is made from reclaimed roofbeams which we bought from Hargreaves reclamation yard in Airth. We have also used them for all the raised beds. They come peppered with small and large nails but have a great weathered look, they are local and 'eco' and they have not been treated with any nasty chemicals. The downside is that they are not pressure treated with a preservative so we do not know how long they will last - the wood is certainly good quality - good and dense - and we intend to nail a strip of copper over the cut edge.
The gravel should arrive next week and hopefully the area will transform itself from building site to drive/courtyard/flower shop.

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