Saturday, March 18, 2006

Goodness it's cold

The cold weather and snow have really set back plants in the garden - tulips seem to have actually shrunk and the hellebores were all squashed by the snow that slid off the tunnel roof. I think that my plan to open at the beginning of April will fall through and that it will be nearer the 3rd week by the time there is anything worth harvesting. Even without the snow the windchill has meant that it has hardly reached the 5 degrees that plants need before they start to grow.
The up side is that I have been able to concentrate on getting stock together for the Country Living Fair next week - potting forced hyacinths and paperwhites into aluminium planters, putting together growing kits and sewing up hundreds of garden kneelers and lavender pillows.
Things are beginning to happen in the garden - the new greenhouse walls are beginning to go up this weekend and a teenage friend is here to help shift some of the mushroom compost so with a bit of luck and a few weeks of sun we should be raring to go with wonderful tulips towards the end of April

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