Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Country Living Fair

Today was the beginning of the set up for the Country Living Fair at the SECC. The actual stall painting and primping is tomorrow and the first day open on Thursday, but today was a chance to get the van on site without having to dodge other stall holders.
As the van is without MOT and tax at the moment, it was transported to the Exhibition Centre by trailer with Euan following by car, ready to drive it into the building and onto our stall. What we had thought of as an hour's work turned out to take six hours as he waited for the carpenters etc. to finish the walls. The putting up of the exhibition is an amazing sight with masses of people all seeming to work in rhythm to get all the stall shells up, carpets laid and platforms built.
Tomorrow we shall be painting the stall powder blue, polishing the van and trying to look very professional. . .Then it is meeting the visitors Thursday to Sunday.

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