Saturday, December 17, 2005

Life after Christmas

After Christmas, door rings with apples and berries can be put out for the birds - they won't eat limes and I'm not sure about chillis (mice love chillis, so birds might too), but they love apples, holly and ivy berries.
I recently saw a good (if pricey) idea from the wiggly wigglers team who sell worm composting sets. They had stuffed a willow wreath with straw, hemp, feathers, wool etc and hung it for birds to use as nesting material. It struck me that the mossed wreaths that form the base of our door rings could be used in the same way - with bits of sheeps wool, etc poked into the moss base and that birds could take pieces for their nests - it might not look as pristine as the one on the wiggly wigglers website , but it would work just the same and be fun to watch. Just remember not to use any synthetic materials.

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