Sunday, August 12, 2007

We've moved

I've been thinking for a while that I need to do something different with the blog now that many people visit the website first and are primarily interested in photos of our cutting garden and workroom. I am probably most interested in the chance for conversation with a blog, the chance to bat ideas about with people.

I have decided to move to typepad and to split the blog into 2

One part Snapdragon's garden
will be about the day to day events in the garden - flowers, things I am making, etc.

The other Snapdragon's Chat will be about the back issues that crop up while trying to grow the business.

I do hope that you will stop by and have a chat - all comments and objections welcome.

And I know it is a bind, but could the people who generously link to me please change the url?



Vintage Glamour said...

Hello! Thanks for your comment on my plans for the trek. Maggie's Centres are wonderful, I know my family wouldn't have coped as well without their support.
Looks like you're not too far from me, I'm in West Lothian!

Angel Jem said...

Dinky idea, as I'm sure you need the chat too! Thanks for stopping by & leaving your comment on my blog. Yes, I need solitude, or at least time away from children (shopping is good for me here, but DH always gets huffy if I try to escape too often)
The idea of a parisian appartment sounds really good... fresh bread from the local bakery and all the brocantes that happen there! I expect you're wishing roll on October!

bodran... said...

Hi i've just been doing a catchup.
Your photos are lovely..

martin said...

Your blogs are delightful and really lift the heart - it is great to see that you made exactly the right choice - Jane and I must come up and see you in the summer