Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Look who has arrived

2 14 week old pigs and an electric fence!


carolyn said...

They are gorgeous but I suppose they are one day destined to become brawn?

PG said...

Piggies! How wonderful. Are they LGos Old Spots? I have old recipes which deal with every bit of a pig, should you need any. (don't for God's sake name them...)

tash said...

You're giving me pig-envy! What a wonderful thing to do, even though they are destined for the pot ~ the flavour and the happy environment in which they have been raised will make it all worth it! Have you done this before?

weirdbunny said...

How are you finding the electric fence,? and was it worth the cost?

Jane said...

Julia - the jury is still out on the electric fence - smallest daughter accidently disconnected it yesterday so the pigs got through to the chickens.

She has now been warned off so shall start again!