Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Country Living

Hoooo! Woooo! as my youngest would say.
2 posts in one day.
The excuse is my Country Living magazine dropped through the door and there we are - one of our painted handle baskets in the Emporium section!


Gigibird said...

Get wrapping!

countrymousie said...

What wonderful news for you -
now of course I will have to go an buy a ruddy copy!! Or, maybe I will sneak a look without actually passing money over the counter to them!!

Cait O'Connor said...

Congratulations! I too will sneak a look without buying!

Jane said...

That is very bad Cait and Countrymousie - they will begin to wrap it in plastic. Actually there are some lovely photos - Andrew Montgomery who took photos of our garden in 2005 has some beautiful photos of Long Barn lavender farm. I really like their products as they give you a decent amount of lavender and the packaging in simple, graphic and stylish - and they are organic!
There is also a Danish house with all that white and light and coloured glass that looks so pretty.

carolyn said...

Congratulations will take a look when CL hits the newstands.

Sew Recycled! said...

Oh well done - that means my copy will be dropping through the post any day. I am sure you guys up there get your copies before us down here!
Looking forward to seeing it - its my goal to try and get my work on that page.....!

PG said...

Well done, I will invest in a copy just for that...

countrymousie said...

No offence - just boycotting CL because of the comp as you will understand, along with several others. Do you get a mention on their website also I wonder. I can look at that for nothing!! love mousie

Elizabethd said...

I saw it!! But wasnt sure it was you. Well done!

Tracy said...

i have flicked through my copy but missed you.
i shall go take another look and raise a large drink to you.
congrats - enjoy the sales x
tracy x

Wild Rose said...

Congratulations Jane. I look forward to seeing it in C.L.

Marie x

Raindrops said...

Congratulations :-)) have not got my copy yet but will have a look for you. TV and country living soon you will not want to talk to any of us LOL Tricia

Jane said...

We are on page 2 of the Emporium - with the wire basket with painted handles - it doesn't mention that the handles are handpainted but does get the contact details right - so we shall wait and see.

Feedback from others who have been in the Emporium is that there is a rush of retailers phone to see whather they can stock you (which I have had but don't do wholesale so that isn't much use) and then a steady trickle over the next 4 months or so of proper customers.

Fingers crossed,


Alison said...

Alison x

Victoria May Plum said...

Hi Jane.
Congratulations! the basket is lovely, I like the handpainted touch. My copy arrived today too, what a treat.

let's hope you get busy busy busy.
I got masses of wholesale interest in the first 3 weeks, and proper shoppers too, and magazines, and the national trust! (I hope that answers your question, but ask away if there is anything else)
Victoria x x

Jane said...

Thanks Victoria and Alison,
From what I gather, CL is one of those magazines that get passed around so it will get to its final reader come the New Year!

When I spoke to Judith Rowe the potter about it ages ago she was still getting enquiries two years after her mugs had appeared.

Great news about the National Trust Victoria - is this to do a bespoke range?