Saturday, June 16, 2007

Baby boots

What is it about baby shoes that is just so CUTE???

A couple of days I mentioned that I was embroidering some baby boots - here are the finished versions.

They are for a baby born about 10 days ago - his parents have just aquired chickens - hence the pecking chicks on the fronts of the shoes.

They are made in vintage linen and have been great fun to work out.

I have a Japanese craft book with lovely baby shoes in it but none of them looked very practical as they are more like adult court shoes and I suspect that they would fall off on first outing.

I based these on those lovely leather baby shoes that don't fall off at all.

A frippery perhaps but there is something about new babies which encourages such things.


Raindrops said...

Now you see I would look at that as a present for a baby. Very nice

carolyn said...

They are gorgeous and the sort of thing that will become treasure heirlooms. BTW loved your how to from the previous post, I'm terrible at arranging flowers so any help will always be very welcome.

Pondside said...

Hi Jane - my poppies lasted between 5 and 7 days - a record for me!! I will try the arrangement in your new 'how to' as I have Lady's Mantle for the first time.
I love the baby shoes. I thought you might also like to look at the site for Robbeez - very popular over here!

Jane said...

Thanks for the nice feedback! I shall have a look at that site.

Ragged Roses said...

Those shoes are beautiful - a lovely present that I'm sure will be treasured, I agree with you about those little leather shoes, my daughter's were the best things we bought!
Kim x

alice c said...

Am I going mad? Do you have a new Banner picture or have I not noticed it properly before? It is a great picture!
And I think the bootees are so cute - I can easily imagine them being packed away in the box of treasured memories.

Jane said...

Kim - I agree, there is no point in getting lovely shoes if they get lost first time out.

Alice - blogger now makes it easy to put photos on your banner - sometimes I have a play about - I can't get the text outlines to go though. The photo is of Allium christophii.