Thursday, May 03, 2007

What is it about yellow . . .

I don't really like yellow flowers . . .I don't really plant them . . . so how come, when I went to select flowers for a gift bouquet, I came back with this?

Is it the odes to yellow I have been reading on various blogs? Is it the fabulous sunshiney days? Is it because I am making an effort to become a mellowy yellowy person?

Or can we just claim that this bouquet is orange?

The tulips are - for those who are interested - Texas Gold, a yellow parrot; Dordogne, an apricot with good long stems, Ballerina, orange lily tulip that smells of freesias but has weedy stems which need to be supported in an arrangement like this, and Gavota rust/burgundy with a yellow edge.

They made me feel happy - I hope the person who got the bouquet feels happy too.


Amandochka said...

Hi, I just found your blog and I love it - how wonderful! I don't know much about flowers and gardening but I am slowly being introduced! Normally I wouldn't choose orange flowers (but would choose yellow LOL) but that bouquet is gorgeous!

meg said...

You know, I have a similar problem when planting annuals in my garden; my vision has been red & yellow, but I always end up with a bed full of pink & purple (though red made headway this winter)
You have a lovely space & I'm enjoying exploring your life- so different from my own & quite enviable.

Sarah said...

Call them what you will they are FAB!!!!! You have a brilliant blog, I have just found you through Cherry Menlove's blog!

Oh and by the way, I'm liking the hat too!!!

Ragged Roses said...

I feel the same about yellow - but seeing it on a sunny day makes all the difference. Such a happy colour! Still don't have much of it in my garden perhaps I'll give it a try. The bouquet does look great!
Kim x

Alice said...

Lucky, lucky person to get such a lovely bunch of happiness.
My garden was supposed to be gentle pastel pinks and blues - very soothing. But I discovered that it was also rather boring so now I have an area of yellows and oranges that catch the late afternoon sun. Very mellow!
Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend,

Aromantiko said...

I love tulips, the are my favorite flowers in the spring!
Greetings Jan

Exmoorjane said...

I'm not a 'yellow' fan either but I would have been DELIGHTED to have received those.....absolutely gorgeous.
So thrilled that you're linked up with purplecoo now....
All very best

Heather said...

Jane - love love love yellow - the colour, in flowers, bed linen - all over the place!! But not to wear - but I would if I could.

And yes the bouquet is lovely


Nonnie said...

I'd definitely be happy if I received that bunch. Very cheerful. I know what you mean about yellow flowers though. I wouldn't often choose them. But having said that,George bought me a bunch of yellow tulips a couple of months ago and they made me smile everytime I looked at them because they were so cheerful.