Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Updating the website

This afternoon has been drizzly so I have finally put down my hoe and got around to updating some things on the website. I have put up a few more of my Mum's ever popular chicken paintings - these cost about £2.00 to pack and post, and they are ideal for chicken lovers. She is busy working on paintings for a series of exhibitions in East Lothian so I suspect that these are going to be all I can manage to prise of her for the next month or so.

This photo is of Treela, an Isla Brown and our cheekiest chicken. Today I found her in our bathroom, perched on the side of the bath. Neither cats no dogs bother her at all when she is in the house.

I also finished the felted/embroidered cushions and put together some kits.

I have loved making these cushions - they are the ideal work to do in the evenings either outside watching the sunset or inside watching the t.v. The cushions have turned out even better than I thought they would - I was determined not to produce anything that looked like anybody else's, I wanted to make something that looked vintage but not derivative. I hope that I have succeeded. I am not going to be able to produce many though so they are strictly limited editions.


Alice said...

I'm liking those cushions!

The Country Craft Angel said...

You are so talented Jane! Just my cup of tea!!

warm wishes

Victoria May Plum said...

Hi Jane
The cushion is really beautiful, it looks very snuggly. Warm enough for winter, but pretty enough for spring.
It must have taken you ages.
Victoria x

Gigibird said...

The cushion kits are great but even better is finding a chicken in the bathroom:)
Harry has a thing for our bathroom often taking himself off there for a bit of solitude.

Cait O'Connor said...

I like the cushions too and your description of making them watching the sunset

Marie said...

What pretty cushions Jane. Do you often find your chicken in the bathroom?

Marie x

carolyn said...

The cushions have turned out beautifully I'm sure you will be posting them off to their new homes very soon, hope you have kept one for yourself. Oh and the website looks great now and is very easy to use.

Jane said...

Treela (short for treetrunk, guess who let the children name the chickens?) is the only chicken who comes in the house - she seems to prefer it to the run so during the day, when the doors are open she is quite often found indoors doing that funny crooning noise that chickens make.

I thought at first that she was looking for food but often she comes in and just settles down - her favourite place is the dirty laundry basket.

The very wierd thing is that the dogs will chase her about a bit outside but leave her alone inside.

I don't encourage her being inside but to be honest, she isn't a nuisance and doesn't make a mess. She is by far the friendliest of our chooks and I think she fancies being a house, rather than a garden, pet.

Thanks for the nice comments about the cushions -


Suffolkmum said...

Lovely cushions Jane, I bet it's really soothing making them.