Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The first sweet - pea

I suspect that this flower is a bit of a fluke - I wouldn't expect the plants to flower until the end of May - but nevertheless, there it is, the first sweet pea of the year - a 3 flowered bloom on a Matucana plant.

This year Euan has built me 2 sweet pea supports out of alder branches he chopped in the wood (guess who got a chainsaw for his Christmas???). The supports are very beautiful - even without the sweet peas growing on them and give a height to the garden which is otherwise lacking at the moment.
They are much, much better than the cane structures I usually make which have a tendency to fall down in the September winds. I am hoping that these will stay for a good long while.


toady said...

Love the sweetpea supports, the look very Entish. Toady

Suffolkmum said...

What great supports. My husband i shaving a love affair with his chainsaw too, perhaps I can have a word (or show him this blog!). The first sweet pea is so magical - although I'm amazed it's out too.

Ashleigh said...

Lovely supports! Mine are on a rather weedy looking fence and sown to clamber over my compost heap. Hope the fence doesn't blow over!

Ragged Roses said...

I love sweetpeas, but loose them to the snails and slugs! Looking forward to seeing yours in bloom!
Kim x

Marie said...

I can almost smell those sweet peas...love the supports - much nicer to look at than bamboo canes.

The Country Craft Angel said...

Never thought of Alder for supports-just been nagging my hubby for willow or something better than bamboo for our runner beans and sweet peas.

Lovely to have sweet peas already-I am weeks away!

warm wishes

the flour loft said...

Hi Jane,
I love sweet peas...they remind me of my mum as she always grows them. We nearly forgot to plant some as we've been so wrapped up in starting off all the veg. Mine are way behind and having just checked they are only now beginning to show. Thanks for your best wishes and comments....Glad to hear your poorly toddlers are well too.

Victoria May Plum said...

A chainsaw for christmas - how festive!
I can't wait for my sweetpeas, I check up on them every morning, but still no flowers. I love the supports you have, much less flimsy than canes and better looking too.
Victoria x

Jane said...

The chainsaw was a present to Euan from my parents - Euan had been on for ages about wanting one but I couldn't really see what he would use it for.

Now I know and I am very pleased!

I think the nights are still too cold here to get many decent flowers - the cold tends to make one of the buds fall off on each stem.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Thank you for giving my narcissi a name, Jane! I agree - they HAVE to be indestructable in my yard (with all my boys running around)! I haven't touched these bulbs in the seven years we've lived here, and each year they seem to become prettier.

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

I love the supports too - mmmmm sweetpeas - am I too late to plant now - then again everything in Scotland is late.

Gigibird said...

What a treasure you have -
Can't wait to see the supports covered in flowers:)

Forgetmenot said...

Wow! A sweet pea already!
Your frame is going to look beautiful all covered in blossom.

carolyn said...

So soon! Love your supports we use supports from the buddlia.

Alice said...

I have to supervise my husband very closely when he goes into the garden with secateurs or else everything gets a short back and sides. The thought of him with a chain saw makes me feel faint!