Thursday, May 10, 2007

Closed Friday 11th May

All the roads surrounding us are closed to non residents as part of Sirling Council's long overdue frenzy of road repairs. We have therefore decided to close on Friday.

If anyone needs flowers desperately give us a call - 01360 660 903.

Subscription deliveries and anything pre-ordered continues as usual.


Gigibird said...

Hi Jane - did you give yourself a day off?
Pussy looks like he is wearing a mask - is he the same one who killed the mole?

Jane said...

Yes that is Minou - though all 3 of our cats are black and white - he is the caped crusader and a terrible hunter and gadabout.

Day off - whats a day off? It will give us a breathing space to sort out market stall canopies etc. for tomorrow's School Fair.