Sunday, May 27, 2007

All change

We moved all the chickens to the 2nd field today into a fruit cage - the idea is that they can become a bit more free ranging in a week or so - being let out of the cage to potter about in the long grass during the day and returning to safety of their house at night.

In the short term the netted cage will also stop the buzzard and Minou attacking this gorgeous fluffy chick while still allowing it to socialise with the rest of the hens. As you can see it is still very much with its two "mothers".

Cuddles our rabbit who thinks it is a chicken cannot accompany them to their summer housing - he would just disappear off into the wild I think - so he is now in the old chicken ark awaiting an intense re-socialising programme to get him used to being petted again. Then, when we get the new guinea pigs (soft touch Mummy!) he may or may not be housed with them depending on whether they all get on without fighting.

We have just been outside watching a woodpecker (greater spotted we think) feeding on the peanut rings - he was frightened off by the sound of the zoom lens so we don't have a photo but shall lie in wait over the next week.


weirdbunny said...

I saw a wooppecker the other day as well. I can't remember which sort the woodcutter said it was. It had red on it.

The chick is adorable on the chicken !!

As for the vw van teacosy, I typed in line drawings of vw vans, to help with a simple outline. Try typing in the same idea for your citeron van to do your applique - love Julia x

weirdbunny said...

Typed into google I mean.

Milkmaid said...

I saw a green woodpecker om Sunday Morning, I never seen one of those before or at least not for 25 years

annakarenin said...

Cute chick, never seen a woodpecker but heared one in my garden not long ago. Would be great to get a photo.