Friday, April 27, 2007

Shop - 27th April

We are very tulipy today - a medly of orange tulips, including the lily tulip Ballerina which smells like fresias, tall apricot "dordogne", deep purple "recreado", yellow parrot "texas gold" and the giganitically tall cream "purissima".

There are also baby moon narcissi and some anenomes, late hyacinths and love lies bleeding.

Here is Jasmine sunbathing and waiting for customers to pay her attention.

Tomorrow I shall be at Baldernock Garden Club's annual plant sale in Baldernock Church Hall, Balmore Road 11-1. There is usually a very good plant stall so I am taking my money. here are details of the garden club.


liz said...

Your flowers look and sound amazing. I wish there was someone like you where I live!
Jasmine looks just like my scruffy terrier! I am taking her for her first haircut on Monday and am a bit apprehensive as I hope she wont lose her character along with her hair!

Jane said...

Liz - we left Jasmine's hair as having a pedigree doesn't really fit with the whole scruffy country scene - she is actually a miniature schnauzer and they often look bizarre when clipped according to the "correct" rules.
Now she is beginning to pick up burs and mud and I am considering lining her up with our neighbours sheep to be sheared.
Judging by the number of keen people who call me up wanting advice on how to start a cut flower business there may soon be one in a neighbourhood near you. Where do you live?

Liz said...

I live in West Sussex, and I dont know of anything similar to your business anywhere around here, so it would go down a storm if anyone started up nearby.

Have been told that my lakeland terrier should be clipped 4 times a year so the fur obviously grows back quickly if she does look too wierd!

Gigibird said...

Hi Jane,
I keep meaning to ask do you collect old florestry books? If you do I will look out for you - I have come across them.
Can I take a liberty and ask what part of West Sussex Liz lives in?
The WI'shop' in Chichester sell cut flowers that look home grown.

Liz said...

Unfortunately I am not near Chichester. I am in East Grinstead, the other side of the county!

Jane said...

Hi Lynn - Yes I do try and collect floristry books - the ones before the floriculture industry became dominent are very interesting as they use a much wider range of flowers.

I do like Paula Pryke and Jane Packer and their ilk but their arrangements and attitude is very determined by what they can get at the flower market. If you read floristry books from the 1890s to 1950s you discover that the range of flowers has contracted, not expanded.

The contemporary florist whose work I admire most is Shane Connolly who obviously has a good contacts book and fine access to garden flowers.

I like the books best that are for people who have flowers sent up to town on the train from their country estate!


Ragged Roses said...

What a wonderful collection of flowers- so nice to see something different. Your dog looks adorable. Good luck with it all this weekend.
Kim x

Marie said...

Lovely flowers and Jasmine is cute! Hope the weekend went well.

Marie x