Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Prize Draw

We had a small prize draw at the Country Living Fair - The prize was this basket of gardening goodies - kneeler, soap, giant fork and trowel and a set of aluminium labels.

It was won by Wendy Waller of Edzell and (due to holidays) will be dispatched to her today.

Today I am stuffing envelopes with my new postcards and an announcement that we are open from Friday. Surrounded by bright green envelopes, it makes me realise how much paper, time and money is spent on mailings. This was partly the reason for the prize draw. To enter we had to be given an e-mail address - not so that we can spam people - just to make it easier to let them know when the season begins and ends and what we are doing for Christmas.

Time shortage being what it is, I haven't put the names onto the computer yet . . . . so much for efficiency.


Joanna said...

Post is a big expense. I need to find an alternative the the piece of gardening twine I tie round my cataloges. It makes it go up to a large letter, but it makes it all look pretty, I really should find some ribon.

Emma Herian said...

It must take you for ever too! I must admit though, getting a green envelope posted through the door is a lot more fun. I wish we all wrote pen to paper more but email is soooo much quicker! Glad to here the CL fair went well, your pics of the stand looked beautiful. I also agree with you on the award - what were they thinking about, rant rant!

carolyn said...

I know just what you mean!

Ragged Roses said...

I love getting post through the door but am very lazy at sending it! Emails are so much quicker but my handwriting has really suffered, it's barely legible these days! Good luck with it all.
Kim x