Thursday, April 05, 2007

Peblo v. Jasmine - an update

This photo is of Peblo, survivor of the fox attack, frequent flier, and determined free ranger.

Up until Tuesday, Peblo would shriek and squawk when she met Jasmine - running around like a particularly interesting feathery ball - with dog in pursuit until I rescued her.

On Tuesday I was on the telephone and didn't get out there as quickly as usual. Peblo, fed up with the chase, stopped, turned on Jasmine and pecked her sharply on the nose. Now Jasmine is largely ignoring her- chicken, what chicken? - she is obviously not used to being attacked by her toys.

I suspect it will not last so I have bought a copy of The Practical Dog Whisperer as suggested and so far I am very impressed by the simplicity and humanity of the approach. I will report back


Tracy said...

Hi Jane
I have been reading with great interest regarding your dog and chickens as we will have the same situation soon. Our 2 whippets will LOVE chasing chickens i am sure and like you i do not really want to corner the chucks off - i would love them to roam free and have a fantastic life. The last post made me laugh as that is exactly what has happened to our second dog - she had never really seen a cat before and then moved in with us and 4 cats!!
All except one cat has turned on the dog, hissed and lashed out - Bean is sporting some fetching war wounds!!
Bean now acts as if there is only one cat in the house - the nasty cats are ignored - we are also hoping this harmony continues!!
Have a lovely Easter.
Tracy x

Gigibird said...

Good on ya Peblo:)
Friends of ours lost all of their 10 chickens and a cockrel to a fox attack earlier in the week.
Roger Mugford is considered to be an expert in dog behavoir.However it looks like Peblo has the problem licked.