Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ethical weddings

Suddenly I have begun to get masses of wedding enquiries - so much so that I am almost full up this year.
Partly it is the wedding planning season, partly that I have had a couple of small newspaper mentions but mainly I think it is that couples are increasingly interested in ensuring their big day doesn't have a big carbon footprint.

There are now a few websites catering for people looking for ethical suppliers - I think the best is Katie's site Ethical Weddings which has the advantage of an active forum.
As we have always sold ourselves as a completely seasonal, homegrown florist we have always attracted couples looking for eco type flowers - I think that I have done more flowers for youth hostels than fancy hotels (and co-incidentally they were the nicest buildings to decorate as well). It is lovely that it is moving more into the mainstream.
I am wanting to build up a good wedding links section on the website - not the kind of thing that duplicates what Katie is doing - just perhaps other small environmentally friendly businesses, not necessarily wedding businesses, that do things to do with weddings. e.g. the youth hostels,. Also sites that discuss the whole Green Wedding phenomenon.

Any suggestions welcome.

The fantastic paeony was from last year - we're not that balmy up north.


Anonymous said...


perhaps Hume Sweet Hume and co have had chance to mull over your recent rant. Perhaps you should treat yourself to a good night's rest before ranting. The orcadians certainly have a lot to be proud of. What a warm and friendly stall.

Kate said...

I think it is great that your business is developing as it is ... people looking for something creative and original in addition to knowing where the flowers have been grown.

The peony is lovely!

Jane said...

Kate the Paeony is fantastic isn't it. It is Duchesse de Nemours, a very scented variety recommended as a cut flower by Claire Austin.

Unfortunately I don't have masses of space to grow peonies, so all the blooms tend to be sold before they even get to the stall.

The one in the photo blew over so I got to keep it.
What do they say about cobblers children?

Heather said...

I love the idea of ethical flowers for weddings - I think this has to be one of the most exciting roads for Snapdragon to walk down - and its wonderful that you can bring a passion for flowers with something as lovely as a wedding - I envy you this.

Anonymous - I'm sorry, you obviously are a fan of hume sweet hume - and good for them.
But Jane is entitled to her opinion and I believe the rant is wholly justifed - warm and friendly is to be expected - it doesn't make the stand any more special to my eye.