Sunday, January 21, 2007

I've been tagged...

I have been rather dreading this tag arriving - I knew it was bound to.
This is not because I have problems with thinking of wierd things about myself but because I have problem with chain letters. Written down that sounds horribly pompous.
I am quite happy to write list of 6 wierd things about me but I shall not be tagging anyone else - sorry.
Here goes
1. I am so bad at sport that a school team once decided to play one person short rather than risk having me on the pitch
2. I crammed for my art history finals in the University of Aberdeen's anatomy museum - so now the smell of formadlehyde brings back the dates of Mantegna's frescoes!
3. I am addicted to licorice.
4. I must always have the widest mug available to drink my coffee out of - I hate expresso cups.
5. The only sport I can win at is croquet.
6. I didn't ever finish a school needlework project - it was all that being sent back to re-pin, re-tack, re-sew.
All the best (obviously not a team player)


carolyn said...

I know just what you mean about the tagging, in fact I did try and ignore it for a while, this was a mistake as others then tagged me as well.

Jane said...

Did that mean you had to then think of 36 wierd things????

Heather said...

Do you know Jane on paper we aren't a good match up - I loved sport - team capt for everything sweaty and muddy!! Love expresso, never played croquet - obviously not sweaty or muddy enough!! I'm way too mentally freakish to trust myself to cram - and I hate liquorice.

I do however, agree with you about school sewing projects and chain letters! So there is hope for us yet!!

I like cutey dogs too.

Jane said...

Heather - to be honest the liquorice thing turns out to be to do with the Addisons disease - it helps to stimulate the steroid producing bits - but I began the liquorice cravings before I knew that.
I also practically live on expresso but have to drink it from a wide mug rather than a dinky cup.
I have lots of sporty,well co-ordinated friends!

Gigibird said...

I got tagged, but didn't do it to anyone else as I too have strong views about chain letters, but took part to be a good sport. Reading other people's weird things is rather interesting though; it's quite revealing how some really do tell you some weird stuff (Yvestown and her toilet habbits) to others who use it as an oppurtunity to promote themselves.