Tuesday, January 23, 2007

There is a photo there honest!

Today has been a pretty rubbish day - I stupidly let myself go too long between my vitamin B12 injections and today I have had the intellect of a donut and the energy of a slug.
I only mention this to explain the absense of a photograph here - if you click the red cross you do get a beautiful photograph of hellebores floating in a black square bowl. (@GrahamRice/GardenPhotos.com). This is the first time that I have tried to upload an image from the web - hmmmmm.
I have begun to miss plants - there is absolutely nothing in our garden at the moment - the need to concentrate on growing things to sell means that all our cultivated ground is given over to things that flower March till October.
So when I saw this bowl of hellebores on Graham Rice's site http://www.transatlanticplantsman.com I immediately ran out to see whether any of our hellebores are showing signs of life - well the corsican hellebores are up but looking sad in the frost but there are no signs at all of the beautiful orientals.
They will arrive - the beauties in the photo have been coddled into bloom at Pine Knot Farms - and when they do I shall find a shiny black bowl and recreate this display on my table.


Heather said...

I love hellebores and this is worth the effort of a click - my Grandad used to have them - and they remind me of him.

And my gran has B12 injections and the last week before the shot was due she was miserable and lethargic.

She suffered pernicious anaemia - and no one ever really took her condition seriously, even though it brought her low on a regular basis.

I understand wholly how dragging these things can be and its no fun!


Jane said...

Doesn't pernicious anaemia sound wonderfully dramatic - not just anaemia, PERNICIOUS anaemia!
It does seem to be an overlooked condition - I had textbook symptoms and a 20% chance of developing it due to the Addisons & it still took 2 years and a couple of tantrums to get the diagnosis.
I also find that the dose runs out before it is meant to - obviously the same as your Gran. It is not a dangerous vitamin - you can't overdose and it isn't pricey - I think that they should redo the guidelines and give all us pernicious people a top up.
Glad that you are considering the battery birds - OF COURSE it was Carolyn (see how my mind goes)

If I get time I shall redo this post - Graham's site deserves more!

carolyn said...

Hellebores are beautiful, Christmas Roses, Lenten Roses all gorgeous. Sorry about the "pernicious anaemia" even though it does sound marvellous I' sure you could do without it.