Saturday, December 30, 2006

Weddings and weeds

This week I have been thinking a lot about weddings - my brother Stephen and his fiancee Helen will marry in August and I have also met with two other couples this week to go over flower suggestions.
All three couples are lovely and want more from their weddings than the conspicuous consumption pedalled by the wedding magazines.
One couple in particular threw me back in time to my own wedding - like Euan and I they will marry as soon as they finish University and, like us, they want their wedding to be a proper community occasion.
Euan and I were very lucky, my Mum and I made the dresses, my Aunt iced the cake with intricate bouquets of roses, lots of people in the village provided flowers for the bouquets and decorations, a family friend did the catering, we were close enough to the church to walk there and back and Euan's saxophone teacher put together a fabulous swing band for the night. It was a wonderful, wonderful day and one that couldn't have been put together by simply flinging cash at it.
I think that there is a trend away from all the excess of the 1990s wedding - I have noticed a few websites emerging and catering for the couple who don't want everything - a trend to watch I hope.
The hawthorn trees are the best thing in the garden at the moment, the weather has been so mild that the birds haven't needed to strip the berries yet - I am looking at the sky as the ground is full of weeds.

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