Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The real state of the house

Yesterday I was phoned by a customer who wanted to order decorations for her Christmas table.
We got talking about what we would be doing on Christmas Day and I said that we were going over to my parents and that, - as I am working up to and including Christmas Eve - I shall be glad to be able to close the door here and go and sit down in someone else's house and not have to worry about decorating the table or arranging the cards.
It was obvious that she had the impression that our home is a wonderfully decorated place, relaxing and candle-lit, styled to the Nth degree. Perhaps I should encourage this misconception. Instead I post a picture of our dining room as it is at this precise moment.
I am sure that I had assured Euan that this year I would be doing all the wreath making in the greenhouse - but Baby its COLD out there. . . .

Another gratuitious photo of my helper - the other two cats don't feature much as in the winter they appear welded to the floor.


carolyn said...

It is much to cold to work outside at something like wreath making, brrr! Actually our house always looks like a bomb has hit it on the run up to Christmas, and I always end up being caught out by unexpected guests just as all the boxes of decorations have come out and are scattered everywhere.

Nonnie said...

I don't blame you working inside rather than in the greenhouse. Far too cold for that. I wonder if anyone really have beautifully decorated houses unless they're being featured in a magazine. Mine looks far from tidy and festive at the moment!

Primrose Hill said...

Join the club, my work room looks like a bomb has hit it, although it is organised chaos, the dining room is utter madness with the new stove being fitted and the table is now a mini packing station! I'm planning on doing my wreath orders this weekend, in the garage as I'm not allowed in the house with all the greenery! I normally put the patio heater on and have a big tungsten light on with classic FM on in the background!