Saturday, December 09, 2006

Back at the Farmers Markets

Today I was at Glasgow Farmers Market in Mansfield Place in Partick. It was the first time in 2 years. I had a great time and had forgotten how much I enjoyed selling at Farmers Markets.
To be honest all week I have been dreading the day.
Two years ago I was diagnosed with Addisons disease - basically my brain doesn't manufacture steroids - and though it is easily treated I had about six months of illness before doctors found out what the problem was. During these six months I was selling at the farmers markets - dragging myself there and really struggling with keeping going. Somehow I had associated the markets with the exhaustion - today has dispelled that - I really loved it - there is a chance to speak to customers, the day was cold and bright, I saw lots of people who recognised me from 2 years ago.
I shall definately be going back in a fortnight!
I am particularly pleased as we sold out of potted bulbs - a good omen I think for the pots of forced bulbs I intend to sell in the spring.

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Heather said...

Jane please can you email me or via the blog cos I need to send you a cheque if I'm not too late for scented pillows